Toto je testovací zpráva


Imagine that communication is not a thing of words, but of the body. And that the body does not speak in personal gestures, but through the energy of movement itself. It is precisely on this primal power of the body and the mounting energy of intuitively driven movement that Andrea Miltnerová and Jan Komárek have focussed. This movement composition is another step forward in the long-term dance research of this artistic duo. They search in Tranzmutation for new ways to shed what is normally considered dance movement. Their fragile tale is an invitation to the borderline between destructive potential and exhilaration: Tranzmutation is a tour of the borderlands between self-destruction and transcendence.




“Tranzmutation brings to today’s choreographic flood of social themes, with their endeavour to be original in their presentation, a fascinating and pleasant feeling of security in its theme of a personal testimony with a strong punch line and shows all the merits of both creative artists (Andrea Miltnerová and Jan Komárek).”
(Zuzana Smugalová, Opera Plus)

“A single dancer is able to focus the attention of the audience from the very beginning, to fill the space…

...Images which unfold in front of the audience’s eyes are hideously dreamlike, weird, unpredictable, original - the performance works unbelievably. The precise insanity of the image which Jan Komárek puts into play here, would not be possible without the collaboration of a similar genius in the dancer, her absolute understanding, artistic restraint and, dare I say, unconditional sacrifice. Although it is not possible to categorise the dancer’s performance into a specific dance language, her broken neck positions, her thrown open wide legs of a flung away toy, her strange trudging across the floor and bizarre jumps would be unthinkable without the plasticity and resilience of a professionally trained elegant body.” 
(Nina Vangeli, Taneční zóna)