Toto je testovací zpráva


Gossip, blather, slander, misinformation or rumours are a cross-cultural phenomenon ofhumanity. The power andpunch sound of the word uttered in the form of slanderis often more powerful than the gun. It spreads at great speed, it cannot beresisted, it can easily injure, discredit, turn a life around without anyphysical contact. Slander is faster than light and often upon us before itarises. We feed it and we deform, we need it and condemn.



Olga Fraitová (member of the spectator jury): GOSSIP is dance theatre par excellence and definitely a standout for the Platform’s Spectator Jury. As always with Lenka Vágnerová, it is pure joy to watch dancers who get under her choreographic control. Andrea Opavská’s reputation is without question, in this case her entourage is made of fresh charismatic faces lead by the contortionist Fanny Barrouquére. Lenka Vágnerová turned director, she has produced a theatre form, a jigsaw that perfectly falls into place, including Ivan Acher’s music and Jakub Kopecký’s set designs. Its poetics reminds me of Peeping Tom. Visually flawless, tiny little cruel in the undercurrents. 


With the support of: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, City ofPrague

Media partner: Taneční aktuality


"The multiplicity of themes and images overwhelms the viewer. Equallycaptivating are the performances in motion parts."
(Lucie Kocourková, Opera Plus, 26.11.2015)

"It is remarkable how she is working with thedancers in every new project. It doesn't let the audience rest, it can pull andpull down both sides – the dancers and the spectators – especially in dynamicdance scenes."
(Marcela Benoniová, Taneční, 29. 11. 2015)

"For theheroic performance of all the protagonists. For the excellently built-up andattractive performance. For the topicality and, at the same time, immortalityof the theme. Simply – this is worth seeing it. Again and again."
(Barbora Švarcová, Generace21, 18. 1. 2016)