Toto je testovací zpráva


Aerial acrobatics, physical theatre, dance.

We all have unrealistic dreams, but inside we still hope that maybe... we just need to fulfil one thousand tasks. One thousand wiped up floors, one thousand good deeds, one thousand pullups...? We ourselves are our own tasks and so we infinitely make our imprints in the time until we understand that it is better to watch from above.

 The wind of Mt. Fuji

I've brought on my fan!

A gift from Edo

/Matsuo Basho/

 The creation was inspired by the theme of hibakusha – survivors of the Hiroshima bombing, by the legend of one thousand cranes and by the Japanese aesthetic concepts of wabi-sabi and yugen on transient beauty and subtlety, but it is mainly about what will come into your mind during the show... We all have our own little war and our own tragedy.