Toto je testovací zpráva


/ Diary of a Radical Introvert

What most defines me is the space where I have not yet been. The more I hide, the more I reveal.

Physical and musical theatre for one performer and a sound engineered stage.

I am a fragile structure that in different conditions changes its state and becomes more digestible, but right now, when emitting the greatest coldness, we are the most fragile we can be. Touch me and I'll either burst or I'll dissolve. I feel everything that you feel too, only I cannot name it, yet. I freeze it deeply and wait for warmer days when I'll be able to digest all that's happening now.

One performer and an open cube that reflects his movements and feelings. The sound engineered stage acts as a large musical instrument that does not always emit sounds the way the performer would expect. As a sonic mirror it reflects his mood, dreams and fears.