Toto je testovací zpráva


Reason is the enemy of imagination ...


Surreal theatre of the macabre – a fusion of phantasmagorical images and situations inspired by the works of Diego Velázquez. A confrontation between a Czech creator of atmospheric moods on stage, an experienced Canadian musician of the alternative scene, a renowned Czech gamba player and expressive performers from various fields of dance and theatre.


Cabaret Velázquez is an art-theatre-dance performance with live music, which not only entertains, but also stimulates and provokes the audience's imagination. The piece is loosely inspired by the works of the baroque Spanish court painter, Diego Velázquez. Its originality lies in its joining of mature and experienced performers from diverse genres: baroque dance, physical theatre and contemporary dance, and an exceptional viola da gamba player with the highly authentic and distinctive concept of "image theatre" of Jan Komárek, whose work has received acclaim both at home and abroad (Czech Republic and Canada).


"An original, imaginative, intelligent and entertaining performance."
Adriana Světlíková, Director of the Small Inventory Festival, Prague