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Often what one person lacks others have in abundance without giving them any apparent benefit. In fact, it may also serve to point out what the "advantaged" person is lacking. Reduction is walking backwards. From complexity to simplicity. How simple can the complexities which we have within us or that surround us be? We will attempt a small experiment: let's get rid of those (things, people) around which everything revolves. Let's get rid of what we can, but not more. How much can lack while still retaining something?

A performance created for five dancers by Jaro Viňarský, holder of The Bessie Award 2013.



Martin Macháček: The key element is the presence of Markéta Stránská, nevertheless, Jaro Viňarský shyes away from blatant exploitation of her handicap or soap opera emotions. On the contrary, he uses the handicap as a catalyst of slightly ironic situations. In Missing, missing is a metaphysical value, not a superficial illustration. 


Supported by: MKČR, MHMP, Divadlo Archa, ALT@RT, METROSTAV a.s.