Toto je testovací zpráva


Jan Komárek did not finish his studies at the School of Applied Arts in Prague, changed jobs frequently and immigrated in the 1980s to France, where he formed Mimo Theatre, creating puppet theatre for both adults and children, himself performing as a puppeteer and clown. He subsequently moved to Toronto, Canada, where, together with composer Rainer Wiens, he founded Sound Image Theatre, using actors as well as dancers and various performers to create image-based, poetic performances with live music. He received several prestigious Dora Mayor Awards for Best Play, Best Set and Lighting Design and Best Music. He also worked as a lighting designer for other professional theatre companies, particularly in the dance field in Toronto and Montreal.

Jan now lives in Prague, where he creates his own performances and works as a lighting designer. In 2009 he received the Next Wave Personality of the Year Award and in 2010 the Czech Dance Platform's Award for Best Lighting Design.